ASSIGNMENT: Discussion: Module 8

ASSIGNMENT: Discussion: Module 8

Choose a photograph from this module or elsewhere in our textbook. Write a critique of this image using a combination of formal analysis and second mode of analysis. Use the vocabulary learned in this module and tell us the genre of photography your example belongs.

Next, choose a film or video from any time period or genre to discuss. You can choose something found in the textbook, one of the video links attached with this module or find one on your own. Comment of what type moving image they represent. Discuss them in context of when they were created. Be sure to mention the director/artist as well as the title of your choice. Critique these works using vocabulary you have learned in this and previous chapters. Remember, there are no right or wrong answers here, I’m curious about your opinion, however you need to defend your opinion with convincing arguments drawn from what you have learned here.




SEARCH VIA YOUTUBE: Nam June Paik “Global Groove”

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