Assignment 2: Incident Command Structures

In the discussion question for this module, you explored agencies that would be tasked to liaison during the planning and response phase to an attack on Centervale’s water system. On the basis of what you learned from that assignment, conduct additional research in the Argosy University online library and using the following the FEMA resources:

Prepare a 6–8-slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation that addresses the following issues:

  • Under the FEMA–National Response Framework (NRF) multiagency coordination system (MACS), explain why the agencies discussed in the previous assignment should be included in the incident command structure when responding to a terrorist attack against Centervale’s water system.
  • Identify who the incident commander will be and the additional elements of the command structure.
  • State why these responders are needed. Under what conditions should a unified command structure be set up?

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