You will need to create a website with all the requirements listed on the Cyberspace website. Here is a link to the assignment details.

There is a trial version of Dreamweaver to work on your website from home.

Check the Cyberspace website before you seek help from the lab professor, CIS835 consultants, or me because many of your questions can be answered by viewing the tutorials located on the site. The website contains very helpful videos and step-by-step instructions for most of the topics covered in the Web Design labs.

Web Design Lab 1 (publishing, importing your STE file, and Dreamweaver/Astro/flash-drive setup)

Web Design Lab 2 (images, linking, tables, colors, CSS styling tutorials, etc…)

Web Design Lab 3 (photo gallery video)

Web Design Lab 4 (forms & image map)

Fill out this form to submit this assignment (make sure you published your website correctly and that everything works before submitting your website). Do not publish to your website after the due date or it will be marked late.

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