Assessment Essay for Meta-ethics

Summative Assessment Phase One
Assessment Essay for Meta-ethics
We have learned that moral acts are over-determined. That is, there are many reasons or determinants for them. Nonetheless, we can categorize the arguments for moral claims and actions into moral realism or anti-realism. (See metaethics: Crash Course Philosophy #32)

Within realism, we have other categories as well including objectivism and relativism. Moral realists believe that moral facts exist.

Moral objectivism holds that ethical principles exist independently. Moral relativism holds that such principles are purely personal or cultural. Objectivists believe that there are universal moral principles, perhaps even laws, that command adherence by moral actors. Moral relativists think that morality is culturally determined or an individual opinion.
Moral pluralists believe that multiple perspectives should be valued and that moral facts do, in fact, exist.

Individual Essay:
Make an argument in which you make a claim that favors moral objectivism, moral relativism, or moral pluralism.

In your argument, explicitly follow Toulmin’s methodology. Make a claim, provide reasons and grounds from assigned course readings, link those reasons and grounds to your claim with warrants, and support your warrants with backing.

Your goal is to demonstrate your command of the assigned course materials in your argument with the use of properly formatted in-text citations.

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