Assessment 3:: Develop Project Management Plan

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Assessment 3:: Develop Project Management Plan

Student Instructions You are required to demonstrate your skills and knowledge by developing project Management Plan for your chosen project.


Develop a Project Management Plan using the information gathered by performing below steps. Use suitable templates wherever necessary. You can refer to

 Appendix section of your Learner Guide.

 Project Management templates – Go to Learning Spot Library.

 Use MS-Excel/OpenProj- Project Management Tool to create diagrams

1. Make sure you include Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) that identifies the project’s tasks and provides a framework for organizing and managing the work.

2. You have to construct a PERT diagram, identify the Critical Path, and perform a network analysis to identify the early and late starting and finishing times for each activity. Assume the project commences on 3/2/14.

3. Include project Schedule (Gantt chart) that designates work to be done and specifies deadlines for completing tasks and deliverables. The project schedule depicts:

 Time (duration) estimates for all project tasks

 Start and finish dates for the tasks

 Names of staff resources assigned to complete the tasks

 Sequence of tasks

Place the tasks, milestones, relationships, staff assigned, durations and work estimates in a Gantt chart to show the detailed timing of the project. A Gantt chart graphically represents a project by showing each task as a horizontal bar whose length is the time needed to complete the task.

Milestones Dates Milestone Comment Wed, Feb 5 Project proposal email Wed, Feb 25 Project Design email Thurs ,Mar 13 Check point 1 email Mon , May 12 Check point 2 email

4. Include project Budget that detailed estimate of all the costs required to complete project tasks. The detail budget helps manage expectations and gives the project sponsor information to develop a cost/benefit for the project. The budget also provides estimations for human, material and equipment resources.

5. Include Project staffing Plan that covers identify and select team members and their roles and responsibilities and to make certain that the project has sufficient staff with the right skills and experience to ensure a successful project completion. Develop staff matrix and also determine training and support needs of team members. Depending upon your project needs, Establish project team values and agreed behavioural standards with team members.

6. Include Quality management plan that includes Quality Definition Table, develop one for the project using the following criteria:  What processes were used to develop the quality definitions?

 What are the quality items identified?

 How clearly defined were the measurable items?

 What information/data would you need to collect to measure quality against the criteria?

 What quality items were compromised because of time, resourcing or other constraints? (DIT) ICAPMG501A Assessment 3 V1A ICAPMG501A | Manage IT projects Page 3 of 4

7. Risk Management – that identifies a risk that is applicable to all projects and details the management and responsibility of the risk. Risks as opportunities Think of at least two risks that presented as an opportunity to enhance project objectives or negative risks that could be thought of in a positive manner. Describe the positive risks which may present opportunities to enhance project objectives. Consequence and Likelihood List the [project risks and assign a rating to each risk for both its consequence (impact) and likelihood (probability) of occurring using the rating scale. Then provide a description of the risk’s potential consequence and likelihood of occurring.

8. Communications Matrix- the matrix outlines how you will manage the communication requirements for the project that facilitates effective and efficient communications with the various audiences having a major stake in the project. It describes how project communications will occur. A good communication plan generally includes the following elements:

 Communication objectives

 Target audiences

 Key content for the communications

 Communication method and frequency

9. Procurement Plan that identifies products to be sourced from external suppliers. The last planning activity with the planning phase is to identify the elements of the project which will be acquired from external suppliers to the project. It provides a detailed description of the products to be procured from suppliers, the justification for procuring each product externally and schedule for procurement.


You will now submit Assessment 3 to Learning Spot. As you are preparing this plan for your project for your client Accove Pty Ltd, it is essential that you liaise with your client to ensure you are developing your proposal that meets their needs. Before any work can be implemented you must obtain agreement, clarify requirements and obtain the organisation’s approval to proceed. Your Tutor will play the role of the project owner at Accove Pty and will review your Project Management Plan and evaluate your proposal and give you feedback via LearningSpot. You may need to make further adjustments to your report from this feedback and upload your revised documentation into Learning Spot.

Project Initiation Document

Student Instructions:

You are required to demonstrate your skills and knowledge by performing the role of project manager on an actual project.


Accove Pty is a SME (Small to Medium Enterprise) based in Brisbane. The company specialises in designing and manufacturing widgets. The company has 40 employees at their Head Office in Brisbane, with a Branch Office located approximately 10km away in Eagle Farm. There are 10 employees based at the Branch Office. The Branch Office acts as the distribution point for the widgets that Accove Pty produces. The business hours for Accove are 9am – 5.30pm Monday to Friday. The Branch Office opens from 9am – 12pm on Saturdays in order to fulfil orders. The company currently has no centralised server – and all the client computers run Windows XP configured as a workgroup. The company Head Office has 30 desktop computers, one of which is located underneath the front desk and has a single hard drive. This Windows XP machine contains all of their customers’ details and sales invoices. The receptionist is responsible for carrying out the weekly backups of this Windows XP machine. There are two backup tapes that are alternated and are stored in a locked drawer in reception. The Branch Office has five Windows XP computers configured as a workgroup. Accove does not have a formal IT department, but the Finance Director carries out routine maintenance of the Windows XP machine running the backup software whenever she has the time. In a recent audit, it was discovered that most employees knew the administrator account password for this Windows XP system. The Management team (5 people) have Windows XP laptops which they often use from home during evenings and weekends in order to dial into the company. The Branch Office uses the IT system to create invoices, delivery notes and labels. The Head Office and Branch Office staff exchange information by email using a generic account created by Telstra with a email address. This email suffix is also used to send and receive emails from their customers.

Several urgent projects have been initiated to meet the needs of the rapidly expanding client base. These projects will support the current expansion in the company and help maintain the excellent reputation of Accove in the marketplace.

PROJECT OUTLINE You are required to demonstrate your skills and knowledge by performing the role of project manager on an actual project .The Project 1 is broken down into several minor stages as outlined below.

PROJECT 1 Upgrade the current Accove Infrastructure. This covers – Updating Operating System – Updating hardware – Updating data cables – Installing centralised server – Installing cloud services – Adding to domain – Configuring network devices

BUDGET AND OTHER CONSTRAINTS The board has initially approved a budget of $50,000. It is expected and hoped that all the tasks for project 1 will come in under budget.

TIMING AND HUMAN RESOURCES It is expected that the project should be completed in approximately 4 months.

RESPONSIBILITIES Your tutor is Principal Project Manager, and will oversee and authorise your project.

STAFF DESCRIPTIONS Austpak is IT consultant for Accove, the table below outlines the staff members working on this project

Staff name skills comments **location *availability Daniel Apache MySQL PHP and Java HTML and XML Linux and windows Specialises in ecommerce Specialises in privacy Europe 5% Jayson Microsoft and windows expert Microsoft and windows expert UK 40% Parbin Network and firewall specialist Security ecommerce Network and OS specialist Fiji 15% Upinder System administration Network expert software development industry specialist India 10% Murray Network specialist Web design specialist Cloud services Growing interest in multi media Network specialist Australia 20% Shanil Ecommerce Business systems Accountancy and business services specialty Specialises in large businesses Europe 35% Raj Web design Windows specialist Specialises in small to medium businesses Malaysia 30% Joey System administration Cloud services HTML and XML Database specialist Specialises in small to medium business Australia 20%

*Availability represents the current work commitments. A staff member with 0 availability is fully committed and should be allocated no additional work. A staff member with 10% availability should not be allocated to a new client unless there is NO other staff member who can perform the task. A staff member with 25% or more availability may be allocated to a new client. Where possible allocate the staff member with the greatest availability to new clients

The assessments are designed to provide you with practical experience in applying project management concepts. Specifically, the objectives of this assignment are:

 Manage project definition activities

 Undertake project Planning

 Establish the IT project team

 Manage project execution activities

 Coordinate project closure

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