Argumentative Essay Draft

Argumentative Essay Draft

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By successfully completing this assignment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the following course competencies and assignment criteria:
•Competency 1: Apply specific rhetorical and analytical strategies to works of writing that incorporate an appropriate use of source material. ?Present a clear, informed assertion of the author’s position.
?State the author’s argument with a reasonable tone.
?Present strong, substantiated reasons that justify the author’s argument.
?Refute many possible opposing positions to the author’s argument.

•Competency 2: Examine appropriate databases to discover useful information and analysis about a subject. ?Present multiple types of scholarly sources, such as books, journal articles, and interviews.
?Explain how each source will add value to the research essay.

•Competency 6: Utilize established conventions of presentation, correctness, and documentation. ?Present a structure suitable for an argumentative essay and apply proper grammar and mechanics.
In this assignment, create a draft of your argumentative essay.

1.Write the argumentative essay. Focus on getting the content on paper, but do not ignore good writing techniques, including grammar and punctuation. Your essay content should be complete from start to finish and should include everything you intend to present.
Please find the thesis below as is already done so just add more and elaborate. thanks
America has once again been the victim of unwarranted mass shootings. The most compelling things that has sprung from the conversation has been the calls by the White House to introduce what is now referred to as common-sense gun control. Calls from leading authority figures such as the FBI director have been quoted as saying that Dylann Roof may have been never occurred if there were laws that were put in place that would ensure comprehensive background checks are undertaken in such a manner that persons with criminal convictions would not be able to possess firearms (, 2015).

On the other hand, such calls have been refuted on the grounds that mass shootings have occurred in gun free zones. Pratt (2015) posits that every public shooting since 1950 with the exception of two has occurred in gun-free zones and thus such places ought to be avoided. He argues that killers ignore such bans thus making those who obey such ban become easy prey. Moreover, the notion that the Oregon shooter passed all the background checks but still attempted to shoot people only that he was confronted offers a more compelling reason for the pro-gun activists.

Based on the two arguments above, the prospective research essay seeks to expound on the on-going debate on gun control. As such, this paper hypothesizes that the gun control debate is likely to crumble in the absence of credible grounds on the feasibility of background checks.


Pratt, Erich. Gun control is killing us: Opposing view. 4 October 2015. 25 October 2015. <>.

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