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 Application Project must be typewritten using APA writing style/format, which includes basics such as: the use of references, double spacing, black ink, and the use of 12-point-font. No more than 5-7 pages. Collect and analyze data, which address real problems experienced in education, schools, and/or in classrooms. You may examine ways to improve instruction and increase student achievement. Focus on a topic that concerns or interests you.

Step 1: Data Collection You may collect data or use data that you already have.

Step 2: Write a brief introduction. Provide a brief description of the research question(s). What is data analysis attempting to demonstrate? What phenomena are you examining? What is the problem? No more than 300 words

Step 3: Write the Methodology. What did you actually do to get your results (e.g. pre-post assessments, survey)? Describe your method(s) in sufficient details so that the reader is clear about the following:

  • What kind of information and how information was collected, the number of participants, etc.?
  • Define the variables used in the analysis. Describe the sample or population.
  • From what sources the information was obtained, if applicable?
  • What methodology was used (e.g. correlation, related-measures, two independent t-test, etc.)? Explain why methodology was selected. Refer to textbook/Instructor Lecture, and explain why you used, for example, the related-measures t-test).
  • No more than ONE page. Step 4: Test hypothesis or hypotheses using statistical techniques discussed in this course. Analyze, interpret, and draw conclusions/inferences. Summarize results using descriptive statistics, tables, and/or graphs. Include results from test statistic (SPSS or Excel Output).
  • State your conclusion: Report results of the statistical test using the examples in the textbooks (“IN THE LITERATURE” “REPORTING THE RESULTS OF THE STATISTICAL TEST”).

Step 5: Attach a copy of your raw data and Excel or SPSS Output to support results as appendices

Step 6: Reflection/conclusion: Write a brief reflection/conclusion. As a result of completing this project, what did you learn? What are the larger implications of your findings? What did you learn from this data that you did not anticipate? -or- Did the conclusion support your expectations? **Please use the rubric in D2L for the Application Project and do a self-assessment.

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