Application of Operational Police Strategy

You currently work as a senior sergeant for a large state-based police organisation. You have been asked to identify an ‘urgent’ crime or disorder problem in your district and develop an operational plan to address the problem.

In order for the operational plan to be supported, you are required to develop a written proposal. The written proposal must include the following elements:

– Section 1. Using data obtained from the Queensland Police Service Statistical Review, identify a crime problem that requires ‘urgent’ attention. Provide a summary and description of the problem and justification for why the problem is urgent. The Queensland Police Service Statistical Review can be found at:

– Section 2. Identify the operational police strategy (a maximum of two (2) police strategies that have been discussed in Weeks 6 to 9 of this course may be chosen). Using empirical literature define the operational police strategy/ies and apply the operational police strategy/ies chosen to the specific crime and disorder problem.

Your report should include:

– clear identification and discussion of the steps involved in applying the operational police strategy to the specific crime and disorder problem chosen;

– use of evidence sourced from empirical literature to critique the validity and usefulness of applying the chosen operational police strategy to the specific crime and disorder problem;

– an empirically justified critique of the likelihood of its effectiveness in reducing the crime and disorder problem being addressed.

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