Application Assignment #1:

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Application Assignment #1:

In order to begin thinking with environmental issues in mind, the first assignment is designed to get you thinking and interacting with each other on the Discussion Board. Choose two packaged products—one of these products is to be in a package you feel is friendly to the environment, the other one is to be in a package you feel is harmful to the environment in some way.


You are to write about these packages and the reasons you feel they are harmful or environmentally friendly. I have no correct answers for this assignment—these are your opinions—so say what you really believe. By commenting on each others’ thoughts, we will begin to gain understanding and appreciation for different views and ways of thinking.

Reading Analysis Assignment #1

For this assignment, you are to read Chapter One from the text and write a 250-word (one page, double-spaced) analysis of the reading assignment. You may bring these to class or submit by clicking on this assignment.



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