analyzing local public policy

Unit V focuses on limits to public policy interventions. For the assignment you are asked to prepare an essay which outlines a public policy process in your local government or state. Specifically, select a policy initiative focused on education, healthcare, or poverty, and prepare an essay which includes the following: MBA 6861, Public Policies 5


 _Describe the causes of the policy.

 _Describe the policy and the rationale being used to advance that policy.

 _Explain the effect(s) of the proposed policy.

 _Identify an example of an alternative or option that is (or could be considered).

 _Identify and discuss the methods that will (or could) be used to measure the policy outcomes. Identify the measurement issues, if applicable.

 _Discuss the possible impact the policy could have on the future of policymaking in your local government or state.


Your essay must:

 _Be a minimum of 500 words;

 _Be typed, double-spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides;

 _Utilize a minimum of two sources other than the textbook to support your research and assertions; and

 _Conform to APA format. All the references should be effectively used, correctly cited and correctly listed in the


2 references, paper will be checked for plagiarism

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