Analysis of a case study and provide a strategics marketing plan. I need to critically analyze and.

The main problem is that 3000-year old wine industry of Cyprus has lost its recognition and popularity and stuck at critical position. In order to re-boost the Cyprus wine industry, there is a need to reassess marketing strategies and consumers’ preferences and employment of effective marketing mix. It is due to the fact that consumer preferences and behavior are important for marketers to enable them to match needs of target segments and consumers’ needs and wants.Refer to the case study related to the Cyprus wine industry; provide the marketing analysis of wine industry. Give a framework for analysis; which is consumer centric. Perform the situational analysis based on the PEST Analysis.Perform the industry analysis based on the Porter’s five forces model.Perform the company’s environmental analysis based on its SWOT analysis.As a student of Strategic Marketing; analyzethe case study and provide a strategic marketing plan.

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