Answer thoes question after reading essay.

You just answer like

1. Yes, This essay satisfies all the requirements.





1.Is the essay at least five double-spaced pages in length, and does it use Times New Roman 12-point font with one-inch margins on all four sides of the page? If the essay is pasted in, paste the text into a Word document, double space it, and see how long it is. Five pages is usually about 1500 words or more, however it is length and not word count that matters. 4.5 pages is not enough.

2.Does the essay include a works cited page as page 6 or higher?

3.Does the essay provide a clear, complete answer to one of the questions listed on the prompt? Are you able to tell which question it attempts to answer? Explain your answer and indicate at least two places in your partner’s essay where this is discussed well. If the essay does not answer one of the questions completely, please let the writer know.

4.Does the essay contain these basic content and form requirements, as listed on the Major essay #3 prompt:

-clear thesis statement and developed paragraphs that advance the thesis.

-demonstration of analysis that is supported by evidence from the textbook and from at least two academic source outside of the textbook. You may also want to include additional sources from within the textbook.

-demonstration of close reading with attention to issues at play in the assigned works.

-clear organization and sustained focus on the prompt and on the selected poems, plays and short stories.

5.  Does the essay contain sentence errors or problems with organization? If so, just note a few types of errors and make suggestions. Do not correct errors.

What other general comments do you have for improving this essay?

please give me work ASAP

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