Amniotic band syndrome


You are required to write a review paper this semester to satisfy your BIO 100 General Biology requirements. One of the objectives is to introduce you to the body of literature in the field of biology. Many of you had previously written some form of paper (book reports, essays etc….) but this review paper however may be new to some of you. If you had written a review paper before, maybe you can be of help to one or two of your fellow classmates. This review paper requires some discipline and time to review an extensive body of literature. Many research studies/experiments must be reviewed to, not only reporting the results and conclusions but process and interpret them as well. WHAT DO I DO? HOW DO I START? 1) You are to select a topic related to the field of biology, formulate a thesis about this topic, and collect evidence in the form of research to support or refute this thesis. You will write a paper discussing the topic by presenting and discussing the evidence researched. Your topic could be one that was covered in class, in your text books, or perhaps not covered in this course. My advice is to select a topic that has excited your interest. 2) Read, read, read in an effort to be somewhat informed about your topic. HCCC library houses resources that you might need for your research ranging from books to journals. Use as many resources as possible. Feel free to adjust your thesis as you obtain more understanding. Focus your topic quite narrowly to address a specific thesis; do not work with be too vague of a topic. 3) Regarding your thesis, it should be a single-sentence statement about how you view a particularly important aspect of your topic (similar to what we discussed in class in our first lecture). For example, “the Mendelian model of genetics does not explain……….). 4) Collect supplementary references to examine current literature about your topic. Obtain as much evidence possible. Gather your data, thesis and arguments and then CREATE AN OUTLINE for your paper. 5) When you are constructing the outline, consider words such as INTRODUCTION, DATA, RESULTS, DISCUSSION, CONCLUSION, and FUTURE PROSPECTS. 5) Follow the APA format

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