American Revolutionary War and the War of 1812

The American revolutionary war had significant effects on the dramatic industrial revolutions in British North America[1]. Legal transformations occurred where the colonies could no longer rely on law informed by traditions and natural law. Out of intricacies inherent in the new economic order of capitalism, legal paradigmatic shifts remained inevitable. Certain amends were executed to make law more responsive to the needs of the people of British North America[2]. For instance, in the Canadas, William Hume Blake, solicitor general in the Baldwin- La Fontaine administration, made significant attempts to have principles of freedom and progress enshrined in legal decisions[3]. Moreover, in 1857, George Etienne Cartier lawyer and leader of the Bleaus in Canada East where engineered serious reform into the existent law[4]. For instance, he was instrumental in ensuring that, the legal system exhibited homogeneity and centralization. Introduction of the Civil Code was yet another tangible reform that ushered in property provisions of family law with the abolition of dower rights.


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