American Reconstruction

The building of the United States of America as a nation took a multifaceted dimension, which became a process and not an event, as evidenced by the Reconstruction period of 1863-1867(Wallenfedlt 25). In fact, the building of the U.S as a democracy has been a mystery that triggers historians to a studious inquiry. As people from the “dark continent” arrive to settle for cheap labour in the 1600s, the institution of slavery gained a stronghold (Wallenfeldt 30). It therefore emerges that, the discourse on the building of the World’s super power is not possible without the mention of the institution of slavery. This was actually the hallmark of the Reconstruction period, a defining moment for the American History. This essay will attempt to make an informed analysis as to whether the Reconstruction era was a failure or a success of the America’s political, social, and economic systems.

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