African American Studies paper

Research and write an 6-8 page, 1800 (Not including bibliography) word paper on a specific topic from the book that concerns the African American experience. The paper must include at least 6 references including the “From Slavery to Freedom” textbook. Articles from JSTOR, News Organizations (i.e. New York Times, CNN) and Youtube videos may also be used for citation. Below are 6 topics that can be chosen:

  1. Explain the paradox of Slavery and Freedom during the American Revolution (Chapter 5)
  2. What are the similarities and differences between the Slave Codes in the Antebellum period, Black codes during the Reconstruction Period, and Jim Crow laws in the South after 1900 (Chapter 8, Chapter 11, Chapter 12)
  3. How did Harriet Tubman, Mary McLeod Bethune, and Rosa Parks contribute to the various movements that they were apart of? Movements to consider in this analysis include the Abolitionist movement during the Antebellum period, The New Deal Era, and the Civil Rights movement. (Chapter 8, Chapter 17, Chapter 20)
  4. Describe the Pan African movements of W.E.B. Dubois, Marcus Garvey, and Malcolm X. After describing all three movements, explain which one do you feel was the most effective in encouraging unity between black people globally. (Chapter 14, Chapter 15, Chapter 21)
  5. Compare and Contrast the ideologies of Malcolm X and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr between 1955 and 1965. How did these ideologies between the two men help establish the foundation for the Civil Rights acts of 1964/1965 and the Black power movement? (Chapter 20, Chapter 21)
  6. Is the election of Barack Obama the realization of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s dream? Why or why not? (Chapter 20, Chapter 23)

The paper should be an 7-8 page Word document, 1800 Words, typed, double-spaced, one-inch margins, 12-point Times New Roman font. Failure to follow the directions for any part of the assignment will result in deductions at the instructor’s discretion. Failure to turn in the assignment by the due date and time will result in a zero for the assignment.

Use the attached rubric for detailed guidelines for completing this assignment.

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