Addiction in the workplace

Topic: Any Topic Related to the Law of the Workplace –FOR IDEAS, see References section at the end of each chapter in the textbook and Canadian Employment Law Today in Seneca Libraries under Subject Guide- Human Resources. Assignment: a. Choose topic of interest (be specific, perhaps in the form of a question) and submit by email to for approval by Nov.13, 5pm. b. Find at least 3 sources of information, other than the textbook. c. Identify any statute which applies and at least one court or tribunal decision on the topic. d. Submit a detailed OUTLINE of the topic and list of research sources to the email address provided above by Nov.23, 12 noon, for 5% of total course grade. Late submissions will be penalized. e. Analyze the current state of the law on the topic, and provide your “best practice” advice on meeting an employer’s legal obligations on the chosen topic. f. Submit the assignment to the email address provided by Nov.30, 12 noon for 15% of total course grade. Late submissions will be penalized. Format: 11 point Calibri font, narrow margins, 1.5 spacing, footer “ page 1 of x” Maximum length: 6 pages (plus cover page and MLA works cited page)

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