A2: Financial Market Transactions Project

A2: Financial Market Transactions Project: student will use several websites(e.g., S&P Market Insight, Yahoo, Thomson ONE, Bloomberg, htt www.mcmwatch.com and http://www.ustreas.gov/) to collect information about money markets and capital market instruments, respectively. Each team will also collect weekly data for a comparative in-depth study of two financial instruments one money market instrument and one capital market instruments. ( data is ready and attached in Excel file)
Decision support analytics(including Excel and Thomson ONE or Bloomberg) will be employed to analyze and evaluate the above two instruments and deliver both oral and written final reports. The analysis will utilize traditional financial tools as well as concepts from Behavioral Finance. Reporting and presentation of results would be in accord with Global Investment Performance Standards(GIPs) but also give due consideration to Accounting Standards(including the addresing of IFRS issues). The Investment Committee expects you to conclude your reports with a set of willjustified managerial recommendations concerning the fund’s investments in money market instruments.
For the purpose of assurance of learning, the Financial Market Transactions project will be assigned 6 scores based on :
a. Integration of psychology of Behavioral Finance to complement traditional financial analysis(MBA-PSYCHOLOGY);
b. Incorporation of international/global perspective regarding the making and reporting of financial transactions(MBA-INTERNATIONAL)
c. Accounting for current issues of ethics relating to financial decisions(MBA-ETHICS);
d. use of data and information technology to bridge the gap between abstract financial constructs and managerial practice(MBA-2M);
e. Soundness of the written report and the credibility of the recommended investment policy(MBA-MGMT);
f. Evidence for collaborative group work including the performance on the oral presentation by the team (MBA-1G).

project index :
About Company
About bond
Review ( 5 review will attached )
1. data is ready in Excel file about Toyota & TLT Bond.
2. 5 review

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