A poem by “I Am Offering This Poem” by Jimmy

A poem by “I Am Offering This Poem” by Jimmy

introductory paragraph that states your poem’s title, the author and provides a brief background on the poem. The last sentence in your first paragraph is your thesis statement and should tell your audience what the remainder of your essay is going to include.

Then, choose two or three of the questions below and address one question *per* paragraph. Answer the question, then provide support from the poem to prove your point.

Choose two or three of these questions below that will be your focus for 2 or three body paragraphs (one question/topic per paragraph) in your assignment. Follow the directions above for structuring your poem.
-What difficult, special, unusual words does the poem contain?

-What is the main idea or theme of the poem?

-What is the tone of the poem?

-How does the poem develop? Personal statement or a story?

-Tell me about the setting and why it is important.

-What kind of figurative language is the poem using? What about symbolism or literary allusions?
**Be sure to use direct quotes from the text to explain your examples in the supporting paragraphs.
**Then explain how this text contributes to the overall effect of the poem.
Your last paragraph should conclude by wrapping up your entire piece and restate what your essay is about.

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