A key enzyme in lettuce containing rubber production

According to foreign media reports, “Biochemistry” magazine published a rubber research, Canadian scientists found that during the period from stem the outflow of lettuce seed milky liquid containing a key enzyme in the synthesis of natural rubber, the enzyme can produce rubber.


Associate Professor, University of Calgary, Canada Dae-Kyun Ro and doctoral students YangQu found that when the stems begin to give birth lettuce seed, the sting of a small hole in the stem, there will be rich in biopolymers milky liquid flow out. Dae-Kyun Ro team biopolymer found in this key enzyme in the synthesis of natural rubber, synthetic rubber, which is another natural human model than half a century since the discovery.


The research team hopes this research in 5-10 years can be commercialized, they believe that this discovery will ultimately reduce global dependence on oil and chemical synthetic rubber.


Although the main object of study is the lettuce, but the researchers believe that the future of the Human insulin autoantibodies ELISA Kit http://www.cusabio.com/ELISA_Kit-114614/ of different plant species, natural rubber production plant must be large enough to have economically viable.

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