the instruction file will be uploaded please go through the file well and if have any question let me know. You will find the question in bold in the file please answer it in 1-1.5 pages. This is a letter so make it simple and easy and please choose very very simple ideas. All the words from your own head I don’t want any sources, imagine yourself is the student in the class and they gave you this letter to write.


ICON Venue Group (ICON) is a global Owner Representative/Project Management firm that focuses solely on the Sports, Entertainment and Public Assembly industry in the development, construction and commissioning of new and renovated stadiums and arenas. More information can be found at I expect you will familiarize yourself with our website and understand our position in the market in advance of October 1.
ICON supports the client interests in these redevelopments from inception of an idea through the opening of a venue. We devote a significant amount of time and effort from conceptual design of a new project through the construction completion. This requires the interactive work and collaboration between the Client, ICON, a CM/GC (Construction Manager/General Contractor) and an Architect.
To carry out our responsibility, in simple terms, each of the parties have different objectives:
• Client – desires the best, most prominent venue it can afford for the budget they have allocated.
• CM/GC – desires the highest fee for the least amount of risk possible which means they are also
looking to generate the largest GMP (Guaranteed Maximum Price).
• Architect – desires to design the most iconic venue possible (which often equates to costing more
money than the project can afford) and is also looking for the largest fee possible.
• ICON – desires to deliver the best value for the Client’s allocated budget in return for a fair fee
while ensuring both the CM/GC and Architect make a fair fee as well.
At the end of the day, all parties are at the table because of one thing: the Client.
Aligning the objectives of all the parties for the betterment of the Client is one of ICON’s most difficult challenges. If you were the CEO of ICON, what approach(es) would you take to overcome the apparent incongruous objectives of the major parties during the design and construction of a new stadium or arena? Or to put it another way, how does ICON keep the Client’s objectives the driving force throughout the project while adequately motivating the other parties to do their work?
This letter is 500 words in length. Please write your thoughts in 500 words or less by Tuesday, September 29, 2015. This should take an hour to prepare so don’t overdo it. I will use this information to prepare my presentation and remarks. It will help me determine the extent of your engagement and understanding of our business as well

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