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Your Mission: Create a pitch for new company or social enterprise that will help create a better world. Your pitch will be delivered in class Monday, August 3.
Length: 2-3 minutes in length, 2-3 Powerpoints, max.

Here is what your “pitch” should include:
• Name and mission of organization
• Why you are passionate about the work that your organization with do
• What is unique about what your organization intends to do
• Why Anima Mundi Development Partners should support your organization
To help you with this endeavor, here are some links that might help. The first two are about pitching to venture capitalists.

Perfecting the Pitch
Venture capitalists say that they invest in people, not just ideas. Yet the most common mistake entrepreneurs make when pitching to venture capitalists is failing to present themselves well, says Mr. Brotman. “A pitch is like going on a date,” he says. “A lot of entrepreneurs don’t introduce themselves. They might give you a name and a business card; other times they’ll go straight into the pitch. That’s like going on a first date and saying, ‘Let’s get it on.’?”
How to Avoid Making a Bad Pitch
Read the article, scroll to the bottom, and take a look at Canaan Partners’ “Pitchbook.”

Canaan’s advice for that first meeting
1. Let us get acquainted with you and your team. We want to work with smart, honest people. This is a long-term relationship and it needs to be good fit.
2. Help us understand the opportunity. Unless you’re a niche, we probably already know the sector. Don’t spend too much time on that, spend time on the solution.
Fellow WRIT 340 Summer 2015 sufferer, Trevor Dietz, posted an “Expert Article” on “How to Pitch a Video Game” that also contains excellent information.
In the “Collaborations” section of my WRITE LIVE WORK blog there are two examples of pitches from two former students.
Finally, this article from my weekly LinkedIn feed might help you think about taking your next steps.

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