2-3 pages paper

This assignment is different from the previous ones. This time, you’re going to create your own web content. For this assignment, you are to try to create your own wiki and focus on discovering and understanding benefits of this contemporary content delivery tool.

These readings will give you some ideas of the use of wikis within organizations:
Grace, P. L. (2009). Wikis as a knowledge management tool. Journal of Knowledge Management, 13(4), 64-74. Retrieved from http://lpis.csd.auth.gr/mtpx/km/material/JKM-13-4b.pdf
One popular site that allows you to create your own personal wiki is: http://pbwiki.com/. Other similar sites are listed here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_wiki_software
If for some reason you cannot create your own wiki, you can also look for existing wiki sites for evaluation. Here you have a nice list of them: http://lists.econsultant.com/top-best-wikis-websites.html

Then write a 2-3 page paper, structured as follows (use these headings):
What is a wiki and how can be useful for an organization?
Select ONE of the products that allows you to create a wiki and describe it in detail.
Identify ONE organizational goal that would be supported by this wiki.
What features would you offer in the wiki to support that organizational goal?
How this is related to the learning objectives of this module?

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