Logic Model Assignment

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A logic model is a planning tool to support a project, educational need, clinical service, etc. Prior to beginning your Community Health Education Project, you need to develop a Logic Model to support the community health education topic. Follow the instructions below to create the model.
Using the information from this lesson on healthy communities, identify a current public health education topic in your community and/or aggregate. Present one piece of objective (quantitative data) and one piece of subjective (qualitative data) to support your concern.
Based upon the sample logic model in this lesson, create a draft of a logic model that identifies the potential causes/antecedent conditions of the educational topic until you can no longer answer (or hypothesize) why. Next, shade in the boxes of causes in the logic model in which a public health professional could work in collaboration with the community to make a difference.
Lastly, take one of the shaded boxes and formulate your community health education project that might be taken to address the antecedent condition.
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